Tuesday, November 15, 2016 | Peter Jay Sharp Theater, New Museum

Mark your calendar for the 2016 MAS Summit for New York City on Tuesday, November 15. This year, we will take a new, focused approach and offer a one-day Summit that will tackle a subject at the very core of the MAS legacy and ongoing advocacy agenda: our city’s public assets. 

A healthy, dynamic, and inclusive New York City depends on the protection and promotion of what is collectively ours—parks, open space, libraries, museums, streetscapes, infrastructure, views, and other intangible resources—on which our quality of life depends. As citizens, we are all stewards of these assets, and we must begin by answering the questions: 'What are public assets? Why do they matter? Who decides?'

Join us as we drill down on the process of advocating for public assets. 

Making the Case

We'll begin by identifying and measuring our public assets and consider, what do we as urban residents define as 'collectively ours'? What metrics, beyond the dollar, can we use to determine the value of an asset?

Balancing Priorities

How do we balance competing needs and weigh the importance of one asset against another to determine the best path forward?

Getting it Done

What then are the best strategies to ensure the continued financial viability of our public assets? Are public/private partnerships the best model?

Evaluating Outcomes

How do we determine success and who is held accountable for the outcome? If we don't get it right, whose responsibility is it to fix it? 

Stay tuned for a full agenda and speaker line-up.